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Cathal Muhe

-Queens Boulevard, 2004 He forced his very own metaphorical boulder across a boulevard associated with death.  He always found it amusing to liken himself to the mythological Sisyphus, though he was no ruler of Corinth, no ruler of anything, nor was he Greek.  He didn’t need Tartarus to hand out a sentence.  He punished himself for the misdeeds…

Early Retirement in Connecticut

The maximum state wide speed limit in Connecticut is 65 miles per hour, and we were a minimum of 30 miles per hour north of the limit. We were trying to make time and get to the party, although the party was already under way inside of the whip. We were celebrating Sleepy B’s birthday,…

F 1 3 P 2

It’s that unlucky time of year again. Not really. Ah, Friday the 13th. This spooky date occurs once every 212.35 days and 1.7 times a year on average. Of unclear origin, a harbinger of bad luck to some, though I don’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia, or worry about any particular superstitions, I like black cats and…

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