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I’m usually listening to something, even as I’m writing this post now, I have Ulthar’s Anthronomicon spinning lowly on the record player positioned on the left side of my desk. If I’m driving, reading, doing the dishes, helping the kids with their homework, anything, I’m listening to something. I mean, fuck, I listen to something…


Hey. It’s raining in Queens and already much too hot for me. I have a few posts in the works but you may or may not notice a little slow down in content. I am working on novel no. 4, and my writing time, my free time overall really, is limited. I’m making this manuscript…

…King Me.

“Ghostface! Catch the blast of a hype verse!” My personal favorite master of ceremony is Ghostface Killah. Born on May 9th, 1970, Dennis Coles of Stapleton Projects in Staten Island, would adopt a moniker from The Mystery of Chess Boxing. A kung fu flick from ’79, and a song off of the debut, whose music…

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