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All Guests Must Be Announced – Ch. 28

In the cab on our way to Queens, Agnes and I spoke about Gerry and the declining condition of his illness, how there was no stage five, and the house I’d reluctantly inherit from him shortly. Agnes felt mixed emotions, happy for my new found stability and sad for Gerry and his plight. Agnes felt what […]

All Guests Must Be Announced – Ch. 27

“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” My namesake, Rainer Maria Rilke, wrote that and it rang true to me. I admitted that I never had the highest opinion of people, for my parents, or myself. Nothing about my parents was ever poetic, it astonished me that they even knew Rilke existed […]

All Guests Must Be Announced – Ch. 26

Fisicaro relieved me of my doorman duties for what was my final shift, the last time I would be employed by 534 E57th street. No longer part of the sentry. No more hours clocked in the vortex of the lobby where time split and stretched. An hour at the building felt like ten.   I would be lying […]

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